Bill Diffusiontek

Re: zinc diffusion coating

Of interest to the coatings forum:

We have licensed a new zinc coating process, zinc diffusion coating, from Distek LTD.  The process creates a precision zinc alloy layer on steel and iron parts, similar to hot dip galvanizing, but with uniform coating thickness selectable between 1 and 4 mils.  We started using it on our own fabricated components, and are now offering the coating services to other companies. To my knowledge, we are the first N. American company to have this process.

The coating is harder than HDG (> 45 Rc), and more corrosion and wear resistant.  It doesn't cause hydrogen embrittlement, and is used on steel, iron, and powdered metal parts.  Even more interesting, the coating can be coated with wet or powder coats, or overmolded with rubber or plastic due to the excellent bonding surface created by the process.

It runs at lower temperatures than HDG, and can be used on tempered parts such as springs (as low as 320 C).  It is also used on stainless steel parts to prevent galling.  It has excellent surface definition, even at 2 mils, and doesn't clog threads or holes.  Typically, a threaded part (over 3/8" diameter coarse thread), coated at 2 mils will not require an oversized nut.  Great for jack screws and acme threads.

Unlike electroplating, the coating evenly penetrates tubes and seams.