Topic: Cooperation needed

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your time here.

We are a manufacturer of  shot blasting machine in China. We need your help now.

1  One customer has enquired to us wheahter we can design this kind of machine.    Work piece demension: Diamerter 10M, Length 40M, Weight: 400~600 Ton.

This is really a big problem for us. It is too heavy for us to design convey system for deliverying this huge pipe.

2  Pipe diameters range from 0.3M to 4.5M, the big pipes have flanges at both ends so we can't use roller conveyor to delivery these pipes into shot blasting room.  but our customer need us to design one shot blasting machine for surface finishing the pipe. Our problems of us are diameter differences are too huge for us to design one machine.

There are so many such problems for us in China Market. We hope these who can offer solutions can reach some agreements with us in long term after detailed discussions. 

Companies who just want to sell machines are refused.

Thank you!