Topic: E-Nickel on Fe-Co-Va

We've got some parts that are Iron-Cobalt-Vanadium that we are required to have Electroless Nickel Coating on them.  We know that because of the cobalt, this is not the easiest task in the world, and we've been having adhesion issues on the flat faces but not the corners or blind holes where you'd expect them to be.  We've tried making sure the surfaces are super clean, we've tried a mid-phos and a high-phos EN bath, we've tried Woods-Nickel, Woods-Nickel & Copper, and Alkaline Nickel Strikes before EN, and we've dabbled with post-plating adhesion baking.  Anyone have ideas on anything we might be missing?


-Jacob Alvaro, Chemical Process Engineer, Moog Inc.

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Re: E-Nickel on Fe-Co-Va

My guess is inadequate activation.    For safety and environmental reasons this may not be possible for you, but a cathodic cyanide activator (60-100 asf, 20 seconds) will activate most highly resistant alloys.    Plate immediately after thorough multiple rinsing.  Try with and without Wood's strike.