Re: Need your suggestions for Piston surface treatment

Sir I am salman from Pakistan. I am running a very small piston manufacturing business here in Pakistan. I would like to take your help. I am a layman in Piston coating. I would like, you should suggest me/ guide me different type of coatings, thier techniques, their baths. Our piston material is high silicon aluminum alloy. I need some wear resistant type of coatings. Please help me.


Re: Need your suggestions for Piston surface treatment

Hi Salman

I know it is some time since you posted this but I would be interested to know if you found any further information on this.

As you know the common treatment for aluminium pistons is to plate copper from a cyanide solution followed by iron from ferric chloride.  Neither of the two solutions are user freindly from a toxic and corrosive standpoint.

I believe that electroless nickel is sometimes used with other coplated metals such as tungsten and aslo boron nitride or silicon carbide to increase the hardness of the deposit.  This is where my interest lies as as supplier of control units for electroless nickel baths.

I also believe that some experimentation using novel multicoating techniques such as zinc - electroless nickel - iron (from iron sulphate) followed by tin has been carried out to alleviate the toxicity and corrosion problems. - chemical control units for pcb and metal finishing processes