Topic: electroless silver plating onto gold substrate

I'm a UTA master student, but I don't have silver plating background. I would like to start silver plating at my lab. I need to do electroless silver plating onto gold substrate for nanofabrication use. I want to use silver bath which is not contains cyanide. I was searching on the internet and I found 2 possible bath solutions:

1.)Silver chloride 30-50g/l, Sodium thiosulphate 500g/l, Sodium metabisulphate 30g/l, for pH: sodium bisulphate, 0,5A/dm2

2.)AgCl KI temperature: 30C

Cleaning steps

1.Wash the plate in Acetone (alkaline) + rinse into water

2.Sulfuric acid and then wash it again (how long should I put the plate into sulfuric acid?)

I will use silver plate in AgCl KI based formula. After plating if it will be too yellow after polishing, this step will be just a silver strike, if not I can stop in here). What do you recommend me for the amount of AgCl and KI? I am still searching for this part. I am also curious about the heating temperature when doing silver strike.

Thank you

Li Wei