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Hello All...

Monica it is nice to see you on the forums! You have very good English skills!

China DOES have a pollution problem and action MUST be taken to reduce it. This has more to do with the population of China than it has to do with their Metal Finishing "methods".

This pollution IS affecting the rest of the world, especially the West Coast. But, instead of complaining about it,America needs to develop a solution to the problem. Whether the solution is: alternative energy, better procedures, or air cleaning scrubbers.

China WILL buy this technology as the people of China want clean air! Then we can sell it to other countries such as India.

While I have not yet been to China, my mother spends about 6/months of the year there. I know China IS trying to clean up its act, but with 1.3 BILLION people it's a hard thing to do... The rest of the world should take a note of the affect over population has on not only natio …

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Saporito Finishing Announces New Web Site


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cicero, IL - Saporito Finishing Company, a leader in the Anodizing and Plating industry, is pleased to announce the debut of their newly redesigned web site. The site showcases a myriad of process capabilities offered by the company, including electroplating and anodizing, tumbling and deburring, and a variety of magnesium, aluminum, and mechanical
finishes, in addition to consulting services.

The new website,, features a wealth of information for the professional plater seeking assistance with specif …

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I doubt there is one solution to cover all areas of your industry, the companies that I know of use separate systems for each.

There is no doubt that an all in one system would be preferable, if anyone out there is looking to fund development for a new piece of software that does it all please let me know.

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A little Slower,

You should try entering a more descriptive title... help please dosent say much.... I would try editing your post and putting something like "Problem Coating Part - Please Help!" The more descriptive you are the higher the chance of someone helping you... Just a tip.

Hope you find the answer to your question! I'm sure one of the many powder coaters roaming the forums will be able to help.

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I'm not sure but that a really cool finish, love the brushed look of the drawers look (I hope thats what you were referring to).

I'm sure one of our many Surface Finishing Experts will be able to answer your question. At the moment I think people are just getting used to the new Finishing Talk design.

Hope to see more of you in our Metal Finishing Community.

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Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology is being chosen at an increasing rate to meet industry challenges and improve profitability through lower initial costs and operational expenses while increasing throughput and first-time-quality. Recent advances in raw materials, UV equipment and manufacturing processes have resulted in adoption by industrial coating applications for three-dimensional (3D) parts, including direct-to-metal (DTM) applications.


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Although the driver was originally regulatory, growth in the use of engineered hard chrome (EHC) alternatives has accelerated as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers have recognized that alternatives can provide better wear and corrosion performance with faster turnaround in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Many companies have found that high-velocity oxygen-fuel (HVOF) technology reduces their cost of ownership, even though the process itself is more expensive.


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Industrial manufacturing OEMs often experience bottlenecks at the paint line that impact throughput times. Relatively simple process changes, coupled with the use of reactive-cure coatings, can increase manufacturing volumes from 20 to 50%. Also called plural-component or two-component coatings, reactive-cure finishes offer several production advantages to improving efficiency.


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It’s time again to recognize and honor the cutting-edge innovators in our industry. Over the past few months, we received a number of nominations from across the globe for these awards. We’ve set aside this special article to recognize the greatest achievements in new technology in materials, process, instrumentation and equipment. This year, with our expanded coverage of the plating industry, we also have added an award for the greatest advancement in this technology. PLUS, AN ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A list of the honorable mentions is included here.


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While the finishing world expanded globally in 2007, mainly due to spectacular growth in the developing BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the number of major players kept shrinking following a very active period of acquisitions. Technology advanced sometimes dramatically, but most often incrementally, following years of exhaustive research and refinement. Across the globe, finishers continue to grapple with recently enacted exposure and environmental regulations; the biggest impact was felt in the plating world.


Re: Modern CARCs for Military Protection [ Started by zurv in Industry News : 0 replies ]

The coatings used on military hardware must resist increasingly sophisticated chemical and biological weapons. Moreover, they must also withstand the decontamination that typically involves a complete washdown with concentrated bleach and solvents. The chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) system currently applied to virtually every tactical and combat vehicle in the U.S. Armed Forces is a vital component of the overall strategy of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to protect soldiers from chemical and biological agent attacks. As the CARC system celebrates its 25th year in service, advances continue to be made to extend coating life, improve corrosion resistance, reduce environmental impact, enhance ease of use and make application processes more economical.


Re: A Little Dirt Can Hurt: The Importance of E-Coat Filtration [ Started by zurv in Industry News : 0 replies ]

A substantial amount of time in the e-coat process is spent on cleaning — and for good reason. A clean vehicle improves the phosphate quality, which leads to better paint adhesion and improved corrosion performance. However, for many plants, the cleaning stages aren’t as effective as they should be. Using effective filtration technologies in automotive pretreatment systems can substantially reduce bath contaminants and e-coat defects.


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[quote=eboireau;971]I certianly hope to holy hell im not the only one who loves this show!! Lets give these guys some support. Keep up the good work.[/quote]

Thanks! We havent marketed it yet, were waiting on one last thing to add to the website. The actualy release for the episode will go out in the next few days. I'm sure we'll have some action then.

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Great to see you on here! Sorry I didn't have too much time to chat at the trade show. Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well as [url=]Finishing.TV - An Internet Television Channel for the Metal Finishing Industry[/url] where you can see the latest episode of Finishing Talk Live which was filmed at Sur/Fin.

Take Care,

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Nice to have you as a member on our forums, I'm sure you'll fit right in. Be sure to post any questions if you have some and lend any advice if your able to. I hope to see more of you in the near future.

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Re: Free Ebook about Metal Finishing [ Started by dayat11 in Other : 4 replies ]

Yeah... I think it would be great if we could find a link to one... Anyone out there know of one?

It would be nice to post a link to it on this site, maybe start some kind of library.

Actually if anyone out there has anything which is "Free" or publically available which is educational such as books, send or email it over!

Re: Periodic Pulse Reverse Systems for Decorative Copper Plating [ Started by zurv in Industry News : 0 replies ]

Acid copper, which has traditionally been used for decorative copper plating, carries the drawback of poor throwing power. As a result, excessive plating times are required to achieve minimal copper thicknesses in low-current-density areas, and too much copper metal is applied in the high-current areas, leading to wasted metal and added costs. One possible solution is the use of pulse plating. Pulse plating provides exceptional deposit distribution, which reduces metal usage, and it lowers the metal concentration in the electrolyte, which reduces the amount of drag-out losses and sludge produced in waste treatment.


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As agricultural equipment has advanced, coating technology for this demanding market has improved along with it. With modern polyurethane and powder coating formulations, today’s farm equipment manufacturers can achieve durable, high-quality, cost-effective finishes on a range of substrates.


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Hey Eric,

We're glad to have you here, I'm sure you'll fit right in with our community. A lot of experts in the Metal Finishing Industry visit our forums as well as answer many questions users such as yourself may ask.

I saw in another post where you saw Episode 1 of Finishing Talk Live. We are in the process of editing Episode 2 which I'm sure you'll also enjoy.

Hope to see you a lot more on the Finishing Talk Fourms.

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Here you go! It's what you've all been waiting for. The First Premiere Episode of Finishing Talk Live. It just sitting there, waiting... The crisp cellophane packaging waiting to be taken off for your fist viewing experience!

So what are you waiting for??? Why Aren't you watching it already! Do you think this post is more entertaining? IF so your sadly mistaken... Now go my friend and see what Paul and Skelton have in store for you!

[url=]Finishing Talk Live Episode 1 - Watch It Now![/url]

Paul and Skelton talk about the fluctuating zinc prices as well as go over the Industrial Report which talks about all kinds of things such as the "Size" of the Metal Finishing Industry. They go over recent news as well as up and coming events such as Sur-Fin.

We hope to do a live show at Sur-Fin, what do you think??? Make your opinion known, vote here:
[url=" …

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Happy Birthday Skelton. Hope all is going well and best birthday wishes (even though its a little late now).

Love the celeb birthdays, got a few good ones in there :)

Maybe we should make your birthday Metal Finishing Day... hmm??

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