Topic: German Electroplater Searching for New Challenge

Hello Finishing Talk,

I'm a 44yr. old German electroplater with a Master degree in Surface Treatment  specializing in Electrochemistry and grinding.  I'm searching for a new challenge worldwide….. Australia, USA / Canada or Asia.  I worked for more than 20 years in my job in Germany and Switzerland, leading production as well in R&D.  At the moment I'm working for a well known hard chrome plating an electroless nickel company in Switzerland.
I’m looking for a production job to work with a good team.
My Surface Finishing skill set includes:  Precious metal plating (Cu,Ni,Cr, hard chrome, selective plating, electro-polish, working with titan an aluminum, zinc ....)

Diplomas and Degrees:  German Master Degree in Electroplating + grinding, Galvaniseur- und Metallschleifermeister,  German Master Degree in Surface Treatment and Finishing, ( a fulltime study: Galvanotechnik / Oberflächentechnik )

I speak the following languages: German (mother tongue), English ( good ), French and Spanish ( intermediate)

In short; I am a hands on professional person with advanced knowledge in electroplating.  If my skills and experience are of interest to you and your firm, or you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me at

Yours sincerely,