Topic: My Perspective and Your Feedback Please. Skip.

Skip wishes to seek advice from those who know more than me on any finishing topic with in any poster's own expertise.

I'm willing to give all here at The Online Surface Finishing Community my perspective.

I want all feedback good or bad on any post I'm involved in and remain proactive.

Thank you very much.

Craig [skip] Weis, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Always looking to toss in my two cents.

I also need employment. Hint-Hint. Can I design you a paint line?

Q~ How do I get rid of these stupid question marks as seen in the first line. These pop up often. I edit them out but these keep popping up when I click 'Submit.'

p.s. Well NOW, minutes later I see that the question marks are gone. I guess it's a delayed posting thing.

I should note that my correct time is 2:58 pm. as I hit submit.

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Re: My Perspective and Your Feedback Please. Skip.

Hey, Skip. I get the strange question marks on my posts, too. And I'm glad to see that you are an exuberant poster. My expertise is in the plating side of things, although I've worked with some paint and powder stuff here and there. Welcome to the forums and we look forward to your advice.

-Dustin Gebhardt, CEF

Advanced Manufacturing/Finishing Engineer


Sanford, NC

Paul Fisher

Re: My Perspective and Your Feedback Please. Skip.

Hello All,

I've been out of the country for a few days or I would have responded to this one earlier. There is a weird bug in our system that creates those little question marks in the text. I have personally been going back to edit them out, and will have to continue to do so for a few more months, or until we can spend more than a few bucks to get the techs to review the code and find the culprit causing this weirdness.

One thing that causes this is having two or more "spaces" together in the text - like this...      When you post text, if you will leave out the normal two spaces in between sentences etc. it will eliminate many of these. Or please just go ahead and post your message, and I'll come back by and clean them up for you myself.

A couple of other tricks and tips I've learned while I have been moderating and cleaning up the postings are. If you write your text in a text pad it will make for a cleaner post. I know a few people will write their text in a word document and copy/paste it into the posting box - what most don't know is there are all kinds of hidden code in the text from a word doc that can cause formatting issues in the postings.

Regarding pic uploads, always make sure to size them to fit the display box - which is in the neighborhood of 700 px wide. Again - if you can't figure this out - just post the pic and I'll re-size it for you personally. Also you should name pic files that are uploaded with simple names that don't include any spaces.

I sincerely appreciate your patience with us while we work out this bug that just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Please do not hesitate to drop me a note personally if you have any questions or need any assistance with creating a effective postings.

And to Dustin and Skip, I want to thank you both for your excellent postings, and hope you will continue to participate in the community for a long time to come.



Re: My Perspective and Your Feedback Please. Skip.

Hi Paul, Dustin and all.

I poke along developing the post and when I feel that I'm done it's highlight, copy, minimize this Finishing Forum and open up the Com Pac Yacht Owners Association site and in the 'Testing' area I'll paste this post. Spell check is offered and is used to clean-up the wording. When the post has been 'adjusted' in CPYOA this corrected post is copied and pasted on the Finishing Forum topic being worked on. Old posts are blown away.

Works for me. Resizing down loads [pictures] has not been figured out yet. I posted a [horrible] e~coat sketch today. Can't hardly read it and it is way too large. Paul your going to have to message or delete that one.

We need to have more people posting. It sure eats up a day though.

snicker snicker, skip.

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Paul Fisher

Re: My Perspective and Your Feedback Please. Skip.

Hello Skip,

Again, I can't thank you enough for your participation in the Finishing Talk Community Forums.

When I create a post (like this one) - here is what I do to get it right. First I draft the post here in the "write message" dialogue box. Then I cut the text and paste it into word for spell check and final edit (and removing all of my double spacing between sentences). Next I past it in a basic text pad document. Finally I cut/copy it from the text pad back into the "write message" box.

After I click submit I review it to make sure I didn't miss anything, and if I did I quickly do an edit (again usually taking out all of my double spaces), and resubmit it. It didn't used to be this cumbersome, but the site is continually evolving, and sometimes during this evolution you can hit a few speed bumps - this formatting issue is a good example of that. We will have this worked out soon.

Please make no mistake, even though there are only 6-10 posts in any given week, we also average 12-15 new registered "members" each week, and the site is visited by nearly 7000 unique IP's (much more accurate number of site visitors than "hits" that other sites talk about) each month. Even though many are not posting, many are certainly reading.

So all in all, this forum even with the new quirks and bugs - is holding its own. I assure you that at this pace the net effect of your posts for 2010 alone will be that you will end up reaching out and touching through sharing your experience (in a word "collaborating"), and in turn helping thousands of fellow surface finishing professionals around the world..... and this will continue to build on itself exponentially as long as the site stays online -which I hope will be forever. You really are making a difference for our industry, and for that I applaud you!

I know I'm repeating myself, but we really do hope to have these new bugs worked out of the software in a few months. It is a much more extensive issue than you would ever imagine. So please be patient with us, and keep on collaborating, and I promise that I’ll keep working hard at making sure your posts and formatted properly. And that goes for anyone else out there in our community of thousands who are kind enough to create a posting.


Paul Fisher

PS: I thought the E-Coat Line Sketch was awesome! Maybe the scan could be a little clearer, but when I edited it I linked a smaller pic in the posting to a nice large image - After I copied/pasted it to a blank publisher page (should work this way in Word too) it printed perfectly. Click here to check it out.