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Topic: heatable food safe stainless steel paint

We manufacturer cookware products out of 304 Stainlesss and need to find a food grade heatable paint for stainless application (multiple colours) must be food safe and withstand the heat in everyday use.

Any idea for the canuck?


Re: heatable food safe stainless steel paint

Hello Mr. Nelsen, "a high temperature heatable logo able to withstand the heat in everyday use and applied to 304 stainless steel." So question? How hot is every day use to a cookware guy? My wife's oven does 550 deg F. and the surface units glow red hot. Hot paint = Automotive header coatings, or powder coating in 'Frit' similar to porcelain. Think Webber Kettle's out door charcoal grills made in Palatine, Illinois.

My first thought before I finished reading this post was laser etching similar to "Easy Read Socket Sets" sold under the name of Sears/Craftsman. Looks great! Grey on silver chrome plating. Looks 'Logo like' as the fonts and boarders on each socket share a similar family style. If it's not laser I don't know what it is.

This 'size identification logo' has not burned off any of my plated steel sockets while heating nuts on studs with a oxy-acet torch when freeing up fasteners on my 1930 Ford Model "A" Standard Roadster. So I assume this exceeds "heat in everyday use". Just a half baked idea. [No pun intended]

Now, as to a logo that can be applied...I'm assuming a stick-on label having an adhesive backing...I have no idea if such a thing exists. The reality is a paint stripping heat gun or hair dryer can be used to soften the adhesive to remove 'stickers' right?

SIDE BAR: I'm sorry but at times my home computer will send a message saying she's going to shut down 'too sweet' and in 60 seconds it does but restarts by it'self..

I also have to send or save the work or loose it with in those 60 seconds, with 'come back and edit' in mind, and sometimes the train of thought just falls clean off the track.

Yes I was thinking about rivets, and weld-on stamped metal logol, definitely not glued on.

The other thought is since metal forming may be involved why not stamp in the logo, embossed right into the handle? No labor to stick a label. Are you in Indiana BTW and does the firm manufacture a professional kitchen grade, "use it till it's used up and toss it away skillet" without a non-tick coating? Just curious.

Oh. I just saw where the beginning post was edited, [a great feature hey?] asking about colors and your a Canadaian. Well at least your countries banking system is in better shape then ours. Were still dealing with sub-prime loans. Something not tolorated in Canada.


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Re: heatable food safe stainless steel paint


Thanks for the compliment. Since I am the plating engineer for those same Sears/Craftsman sockets and we laser etch them only a hundred yards from where I am currently sitting.


Are you looking for an adhesive logo? Or a metal plate physically attached with rivets or something similar? Or a welded-on logo? Laser engraving works well, as Skip has already said. Here at Danaher, we also roll-mark our sockets with a stamp machine.

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Re: heatable food safe stainless steel paint

Why not just laser anneal the logo right on the pot? I mark on 300 series SS, 400 series SS, and a couple of other stainles parts. We mark medical implant parts. the mark must stay for the life of the implant. Depending on the settings the mark comes out dark purple to blue black.


Re: heatable food safe stainless steel paint

Don nelsen has changed his post to zero in on a food grade high heat colored paint for stainless steel. The logo discussion was dropped.

Again I look at the 'frit' line of coatings. They are food grade as far as I know. I have no knowledge of a high temperature food grade paint, either powder or liquids that can be applied to stainless steel and stay on the stainless steel for a considerable amount of time.

In the three years I have ingested powder paint pulling a trigger on the gun, I can truly say that this activity has not, at all, lkjbvgiuardegdjhweli;gjv effected me. Much. LOL.!


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