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Prepare for real property data by verifying or correcting public ownership and transfer data. Identify past buyers and sellers; compare assessed land, improvement, and market values; check lender information, loan amounts, and mortgage holder information; and track results of quit claim, grant, property records and other deeds.

Help your career thrive by verifying the public data available to potential employers. Establish the validity of legally-registered professional licenses, permits, and credentials; clarify past criminal records search and occupational disciplinary actions; review your past worker's compensation claims; and double-check basic personal data for employee background checks.

Accomplish a quick and careful examination of an applicant's history. Substantiate social security numbers, current and past addresses, and other names associated with those addresses; detect possible bankruptcies, liens and judgments; and get documentation on other personal info submitted to help screen background information of possible tenant or roommate background checks.

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Re: Pre-Employment Screening | Background Check Complete

How can I obtain an individualís criminal history record?
Since the national database of criminal history records maintained by the FBI is not accessible to the public, it is recommended to conduct a search at the county level when looking for criminal history records. To cover a wider area, it is recommended to conduct a statewide search together with a local investigation.

Most localities have computerized databases of criminal history records. Some of these may be searched on site; others, however, are only accessible to the clerk of the courthouse. There are several ways to contact the clerk of the courts, including via the phone, in a letter, or in person. The search usually takes 3-5 days to complete. Since people may have the same names, it is a good idea to include other identifiers when requesting for criminal history records, such as the individualís birthday or social security number.
Are criminal history records available over the Internet?

Yes. Some county and state governments offer public access to their criminal history records databases online. A number of these databases are available to the public for free; however, some of these require a certain fee. Aside from these, there are also public records vendors who sell access to various databases of criminal history records online.