Re: I need a gig.

Part time, or on a contract basis.

I'd be especially interested in getting with someone who's looking to set up a zinc/nickel alloy plating line. This is a great technology - better NSS resistance than cad, without the toxicity of Cd. They say you need an AA to monitor the Ni concentration of the bath, and X-ray fluoresence to monitor the Zn/Ni ratio in the deposit.

Watch me do both those things with wet methods. All I need is a couple of chemicals and a filter photometer to run those things colorimetrically. The key to success is daily Hull Cell testing, like with alkaline zinc baths. Those, I know; but the rewards with this process put plain vanilla Zn plating in the shade.

I'll work for coffee and cakes, but when the profits start rolling in, I want a slice.

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