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Re: Process Engineer General Shop and Precious Metals Department

Process Engineer General Shop and Precious Metals Department
Company: Metal Surfaces, Inc.


Minimum of five years experience in the metal finishing industry. Holds a BS degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or related science field.


NOTE: PE will be required to spend a minimum of one month on the plating lines, working hands-on, trouble shooting processes, analyzing solutions, and plating production parts to help with customer delivery commitments.

Understands barrel and rack plating concepts.
Continuously works on the following objectives:
Increasing productivity.
Saving Precious Metals.
Conserving water, chemicals, and energy.
Following environmental regulations.
Understanding EU ROHS Directives and WEEE.
Meeting customer specifications.
Developing new control methods to eliminate unnecessary, frequently used,
expensive analysis.
Looking for new and more effective processes.
Organizing communication tools between production and laboratory.
Help the department manager adapt new products.

Follows customer specifications. Communicates with customers’ technical staff, if necessary. Involved in technical meetings.

Helps to improve job card information. Updates and develops Specific Process Procedures (SPP’s), if required, and follows First Article.

Discusses process issues with the department manager, lab manager or other desired parties.

Submits Request Form according to SPS 309 to the laboratory manager prior to changing any process parameters, solution constituents, installing new processes or chemistry, or prior to removing any tanks or solutions.

Works with department supervisors on the development of new processes and techniques. Helps train platers on new processes and plating techniques.

Submits the list of critical control parameters for new or improved processes to Quality and Laboratory.

Creates a Preventive Maintenance Plan for new processes or for improved, existing processes.

Calculates material use and cost prior to implementation of new process.

Responsible for periodic deposit testing (panels for purity, hardness, tarnishing, salt spray, solder ability, stress test).

Responsible for legitimate disposal of all wastes generated by the electroplating and chemical maintenance.

Prepares all necessary reports and maintains the records and files.

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