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We are currently using Ni rounds with great success in our Ni/Trivalent Chromium process but our purchasing agent is pursuing alternate Ni suppliers due to the cost.  He has come across Ni briquettes at a lower cost but my concern is the surface areas differences and that the briquettes seem to be formed by compression.  Is anyone using this form of Ni or tried it?

michael hoke

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Dave; the briquettes you refer to are sheared from flat stock. yes the problem with them is they tend to bridge in the baskets more so than the rounds causing less area. i can't see there being much of cost difference other than the rounds being prefferd. in either case it's always best to tamp the chips down in the baskets before loading fresh nickle & this also helps to indicate a possible contact problem.   



Re: Nickel Briquettes vs rounds

Nickel 1x1's are slightly less expensive (say 10 cents/pound) than Nickel S-Rounds.  My company sells both.  Use whatever works best in your process.

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Re: Nickel Briquettes vs rounds

Here is what I have seen to be available in the's what is referred to as Nickel 200....slightly less pure than std. nickel rounds, pure wrought nickel, but nonetheless the same, usually less than 1% impurities, making it approx. 99.0% pure.....whereas nickel rounds are std. @ 99.95% pure, what's the difference I say....check out the pic and tell me if this is what you have seen....probably not the same for the original reference, nickel 1 x 1 are no different than the rounds and as for bridging, thats just par for the course as for anode mechanics.....if you are really plating volume and have need for concern for your balls, your squares, your 1 x 1's "bridging", you will make sure this is not going on regardless of what type you are using.....blah, blah, blah, you just saved $0.10/lb. and this info was free...pow pow

look at this way.....are you plating Hell's Angel's HD accessories or your mother-in-law's refrigerator shelf???? don't sweat it....if you are concerned with meeting Mil Spec., you might consider receiving a spec. with your anode purchase


Skelton, hOST