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Re: Environmental Resource Center 2008 Workshops

Here is a list of classes and workshops offered by the Environmental Resource Center in 2008 dealing with environmental, health, and safety regulations. You can see full descriptions and details for each course by following this link:
Environmental Resource Center-Classes

    * Advanced Hazardous Waste Management
    * Biennial Reporting - Webcast
    * Climate Change: What Every Environmental Manager Should Know Webcast
    * DHS Chemical Security Anti-Terrorism Standards Webcast
    * DOT and RCRA Annual Update and Refresher
    * DOT Hazardous Materials Training
    * DOT Hazardous Materials Update - Webcast
    * Environmental Audits
    * Environmental Regulations Overview - Webcast
    * Environmental, Health, and Safety Laws & Regulations
    * Ergonomics - Webcast
    * Hazardous Waste Land Disposal Restrictions - Webcast
    * Hazardous Waste Management Annual Update - Webcast
    * Hazardous Waste Management in California
    * Hazardous Waste Management in Texas
    * Hazardous Waste Management: The Complete Course (RCRA)
    * Hazardous Waste Manifesting - Webcast
    * Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 8-Hour Refresher Training
    * Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 24-Hour Training (HAZWOPER)
    * Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 40-Hour Training (HAZWOPER)
    * Hazmat Security - Webcast
    * HAZWOPER 8 Hour Refresher - Webcast
    * How to Ship Consumer Commodities and Limited Quantities - Webcast
    * How to Transport Dangerous Goods by Road within Europe - Webcast
    * IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations - Webcast
    * Incident Command System - Webcast
    * International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code - Webcast
    * OSHA 10-Hour Compliance Course
    * OSHA Hazard Communication Standard - Webcast
    * OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Training for Trainers
    * OSHA Safety Regulations - Webcast
    * REACH, WEEE, and RoHS: How European Environmental Initiatives Impact U.S. Companies
    * SARA Title III - Form R (Section 313) - Webcast
    * SARA Title III - How to Comply with Emergency Release & Notification Requirements - Webcast
    * SARA Title III Workshop
    * Storm Water Management: How to Comply with State and Federal Regulations
    * Storm Water Regulations - Webcast
    * Transportation of Dangerous Goods: Compliance with IATA and IMO Regulations
    * Transportation of Infectious Substances by Ground and Air - Webcast
    * TSCA Import Requirements
    * TSCA Pre-Manufacture Notices and Updates
    * TSCA Requirements for Fluorescent Light Ballasts
    * Universal Waste - Webcast
    * Used Oil and Special Waste - Webcast

Paul Fisher, Publisher