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Topic: Finishing Talk Article Contest

Starting on June 1st 2008 and ending July 31st, Finishing Talk will be holding an article contest. Articles must be industry-related (powder coating, painting, electroplating, anodizing, etc…), and no longer than 2,000 words. The winning articles will be published in upcoming issues of the Finishing Talk newsletter. Articles will be judged on relevance to the industry, professionalism, accuracy, organization of ideas, originality and overall flow. Accompanying images may be submitted along with the article or editorial.  We are open to a variety of styles  - from the purely technical to pure opinion - so go ahead and submit what you’ve got! Articles may have been published previously, but the author may only submit a pre-published article if they hold the rights to it and have the authority to do so. The 1st place prize will be 6 months of free banner ads for your company on the Finishing Talk website. 2nd place receives 3 months of banner ads, and 3rd place will receive a banner ad for 1 month. You may submit your article digitally either through the Finishing Talk forums at and click on ‘article submissions’, or by e-mail to Anna Levitsky, You may also mail a hard copy to PO Box 349, Rutherfordton, NC 28139. Good luck!

Note: All articles submitted may be considered for publication after the contest ends and the winner's are announced. Finishing Talk reserves the right to publish them once they are submitted - the author will, of course, recieve credit for his/her article.

Paul Fisher, Publisher