Peter J. Matt

Topic: Filling stud/standoff heads for powder coat

We are installing stainless steel PEM studs/standoffs into an aluminum part that gets a fine texture epoxy powder coat.  The customer does not want to see the rings from the stud/standoff heads after powder.  What is the best way to accomplish this with out having to go through tons of reworks?  The customer has already advised he will reject parts with rings showing.  We have tried some fill materials like Lab Metals with no success.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Travis Stirewalt

Re: Filling stud/standoff heads for powder coat

Potentially a coating of a zinc free primer (powder coat) cured about 1/2 cure prior to addition of the top coat of fine texture might very well do the trick. If you can shoot the part hot and mil-thickness isnt a concern, simply load up a good 3-4 mils of primer and then 2-3 mils of topcoat.

I feel your pain on the filler. TIGER's epostrong works great but all are labor intensive.

Good luck.


Travis Stirewalt, CSI, NASF
Senior Sales Manager, Eastern US
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