Topic: EN Loading

In loading an Electroless Nickel bath I know that the bath generally prefers larger plating surface areas.  In our particular application the plating area is way below the recommendations.  Our recommended surface are is .25-1 sq.ft/gal with optimum being .5 sq.ft./gal and we are around .029 sq.ft/gal.

Our current process has our baths running at nearly 100% concentration and a lower pH in order to keep the plating rate up.  As the bath ages and slows the pH raises and the nickel may raise to 106% if needed.  My thinking is that our process is somewhat backwards.

I was thinking that we should run the nickel concentration lower, more towards 94-95% if not lower and raise the pH of the bath to control the plating rate and potentially get more life out of the bath.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Please?



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