Topic: Searching for a new challenge in the electroplating world!

Dear all,

I'm a 36yr. old german electroplating engineer. I'm searching for a new challenge in Middle East or Asia (Americas also an option, but there I have not much knowledge about the ep market)

.I worked for 8 years in ME and Asia (KSA, India, China, HK, Sg) for technical customer support and R&D. At the moment I'm working for a well known electroplating supplier in the scandinavian region as a GM.

Some of my knowledges:

- Precious metal plating (Rh, Au, Pt, Ag, Ru, Pd and alloys), with some own developed processes.

- CRC coatings

- PCB and SC plating (also some own developed processes)

- Copper, Nickel and chrome for WRC and decorative applications.

- Refining of precious metals + manufacturing of electrolytes.

- White and yellow bronze processes (some own developed)

Some additional things:

- SixSigma "Green Belt"


- German "MBA" diploma

- Languages: German, English, Swedish, Danish. (Arabic, Chinese and Hindi some basics)

Hope this is giving you a small overview. For further informations please contact me (job.electroplating@gmail.com) - all VoIP services are also available.

Best regards,