Re: Email Confirmation Woes

It has come to our attention that many people have been having problems with the "Email Confirmation" step in the registration process.

Due to this we have decided to promote all non confirmed registrants to a "Confirmed" status and in addition have disabled this step for future registrations.

Disabling the Email Confirmation Step is only on a trial basis and may be enabled again at any time if we start to receive spammers on this message board.

The Email Confirmation Step is there to protect us from having our message board "flamed" by spammers, advertisers, and other "robots" that automatically go out on the internet with the sole purpose of finding Forums just like this one, and posting junk and even obscene content.

We are very interested to hear why these users had problems verifying their email address. I find the step very easy, especially since it only has to be done once. Fill in your information, click your email, click a link, and your done.

If you are one of these members that have found it difficult to complete this step please reply to this post (or use the poll above) and let us know why. Was it too confusing? Did you not receive the email? Let us know~!

And to those members who were stuck in the "Awaiting email confirmation" mode... Start posting and welcome to the family!

Griffe Youngleson

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