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2010 NASF Washington Forum

February - 2010
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The 2010 NASF Washington Forum is just around the corner!  As usual, the program and speakers will be top-notch, and the topics will closely track some of the major issues facing the industry.  This year, the program will also feature an industry panel discussion on pending U.S. and Canadian chromium and nickel regulations.

Key updates to be discussed at this years forum:

  • The 2010 Elections How will the parties fare next November, and what will be the impact on manufacturing?
  • The Economy & Competitiveness What are the bright spots and vulnerabilities for manufacturing as the economic recovery advances, and what can Congress do to help strengthen manufacturing?
  • Energy and Climate Change How is the North American and global marketplace for finishing being driven by energy legislation and the climate change debate?
  • Workplace and Labor Issues Will the labor union agenda on “card check”, ergonomics and criminalizing minor OSHA infractions move in Congress, and how can NASF members have a stronger voice in opposing new mandates?
  • Environmental Regulation Where will EPA, Canada and other nations move next on rewriting air emission rules for surface coatings?
  • Reforming U.S. Chemicals Policy  How tough will Congress get in overhauling existing U.S. chemicals laws under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)?
  • Emerging Technologies and Defense – What’s the status of research and new restrictions on defense surface coatings uses?

According to the NASF - The full agenda will be released soon.  For questions and additional information contact the National Association of Surface Finishing (NASF) at or call (202) 457-8404