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Big Changes For Finishing Talk

October/September - 2009
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It is with some regret that I must inform our readers, beginning with our next issue, Finishing Talk will be available as an online publication only.  As the creator and editor of this eight year old publication, I feel some ambivalence about this and it was a very difficult decision to make.
What began as a small newsletter to inform, promote, and create collaboration in the Southeast US has grown substantially over the years.  We now reach over 3000 subscribers throughout the US and around the world.

Numerous times this past year I have been approached by our staff in regards to taking this direction.  I have listened patiently as my wife, along with our previous editor, repeatedly pointed out that as the rest of the world is "going green" could we really justify the resources we were using in order to print a publication that was already being received electronically? There are countless hours of labor involved in preparing these mailings and all of it done here on-site and with all hands on deck.

With the recession in full swing and postal rates rising again this year, did it even make sense to continue publishing hard copies?  All logical arguments.  I have previously resisted making this change for two reasons.  One, I know there are many in our industry that are a generation above the internet comfort level and may have never read this publication had it only been available in digital format.  Two, I keep coming back to all of the times I've been out in the field and seen an open copy of Finishing Talk on someone's desk or even in a bathroom stall.  That has always been proof to me that we were reaching our audience and providing a worthwhile resource! 

Never the less, we must evolve with the changing times in a technological world.  As you all know, I am a big promoter of utilizing technology.  I believe it is our strongest link as a network of manufacturers and metal finishers.  So I am very pleased that this new format allows us to keep operating costs down, making it possible to offer lower advertising rates to our sponsors.  In turn, creating the freedom to put more of our energy and resources into connecting the surface finishing industry all around the world. Thanks to all of you who have graciously received Finishing Talk over these past several years. 

In moving forward, Finishing Talk is pleased to continue providing our readers with up to date information, education and thought provoking articles relating to this amazing industry of ours.