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Finishing Spotlight: Co-hosts Of Finishing Talk Live IPTV Show

May - 2008
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This month, Finishing Talk interviewed co-hosts Paul Fisher and Paul Skelton of the popular online metal finishing TV show, Finishing Talk Live. The show, which first aired in mid-2007, has become a hit in the metal finishing industry. Known for its humorous mix of metal finishing news, useful information, camaraderie, entertainment, and of course, beer, Finishing Talk Live is quickly making a spot for itself in the ‘Favorites' list on metal finisher's computers nationwide. Check out their show at

FTalk: In a nutshell, can you explain to our readers just exactly what Finishing Talk Live is?
Fisher: Finishing Talk Live is an extension of the website Skelton and I are really bored these days so this is what we do with all of our free time.

Skelton: I ‘echo' Fisher's comments. I am not so sure about the "bored" part or the "free time" either, but we sure find this hobby enjoyable and entertaining, and we hope members and viewer agree.

FTalk: How long has the show been ‘running'?
Fisher: As of today we now have 6 Episodes online - not counting the first one we tried to do which ended up being called the "teaser episode". That one has a scene of me break dancing to Eddie Money's "Electric Avenue" in it!

Skelton: ‘Running' is an over-statement. As for producing each episode we work at about the pace that they brew Guinness in Ireland. When it comes to preparing for it, we run at the pace in which we can drink a Guinness after work. Did that make sense? We started almost one year ago...many, many Guinnesses ago.

FTalk: Who came up with the idea for the show, and how long did it take for the idea to materialize into an actual production?
Skelton: I never saw the napkin, but I was told that alien's were involved. Just kidding. I only take credit for bringing entertainment and content; the nerds (I mean our IPTV producers) get the credit for the techno-production part. We couldn't do it without them. And to answer your question, I believe this was Paul Fisher's idea, with a twist of Griffe.

FTalk: Out of all the places you've filmed episodes, which did/do you prefer to film at the most?
Fisher: Even though I didn't like Cleveland the city much - and the people at the hotel were just outright mean - I thought the venue for Episode 4 was the most fitting. For those of you who weren't there, it was held in the lounge area of the Renaissance hotel during Sur-Fin ‘07. We had a crowd of at least 100 at that show, and once it got going we had fun. It is the only episode that we had to do some editing to, but it was actually because some rowdies in the bar kept sending over shots...and the producer felt that one shot per episode was plenty. I kept asking ‘what does the producer know about shots anyways' - he had just turned 21 at that time.

Skelton: ‘Cleveland rocks' is right! But it's only because we made a good showing of it and received a lot of support from the attendees at Sur/Fin last year. Cleveland was a lot of fun for us.

FTalk: What is your favorite Episode so far?
Fisher: Really, I don't like any of them...have you ever recorded your voice and felt terribly self-conscious of how weird it sounds? Well, it is sort of like that for me, only worse. Not only do I have the weird voice thing to think about - but add in the video, the crowd, and the fact that these shows will always be on my permanent record, and I'm usually a wreck leading up to a filming. My favorite part about the show is when we all agree that it's a wrap!

Skelton: I have had fun at most all of them. Again, Cleveland was the most fun show that we have shot, by far. I generally have a gut feeling of how it will go, depending on how we prepare and what is going on at the time of the filming. Most of the time I am wrong and they produce a very, very good product, and we move on to the next one in a few weeks.

FTalk: If you could choose an ideal location to film an episode, where would it be?
Fisher: The roof top bar at the Charleston Pavilion Hotel. We've been asking them for years to let us film a show in conjunction with the end of our pub crawl / scavenger hunt during the SMF conference.

Skelton: I would have to say on the beach, maybe Hawaii or in the Caribbean somewhere. And then there is my desire to shoot it on a set similar to "The Man Show", beer, trampolines and everything. That reminds me, Jay Pietro invited us to shoot a show in New England in his wine cellar, and throw in the trampolines. And don't think we won't take him up on it!!

FTalk: You have a segment called the ‘Finishing Talk Walk' where a short tour is taken of a plant or a particular machine is filmed and discussed; how does someone get their facility or machinery on the show?
Fisher: All you have to do is call or write us. We are always on the look out for something cool in our industry to share with our viewers. We've had many offers, but usually proximity plays a big part in whether or not we can get there to shoot or not. If you have something in the Indianapolis area that we should come take a walk at - that's the one I'm working on now.

Skelton: All you have to do is let us know you want to collaborate with us and we will let you know if we can facilitate coming to your company or place to film "a walk".

FT: Where will your next episode (Episode 7) be shot?
Fisher: We have just finalized plans for our invitation to have Episode 7 filmed in conjunction with the Indianapolis AESF Branch party for Sur-Fin 2008. I think Jillian's is the venue and it should be a blast. Once we have everything in concrete we'll make some postings on the bulletin boards and send everyone announcements.

Skelton: My understanding is Indy, I just make sure I am where I need to be I let the Fisher take care of the shoot, I scout out the pub crawl wherever we are. It's all about team work, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

FTalk: How can viewers get involved and interact with the show?
Fisher: A big part the show comes from the viewers themselves in the form of postings on the bulletin boards. There is no surer way to get involved than communicating, and collaborating with fellow members.

Skelton: Register on! Make a post, reply or add to a post, just get involved with the online forum and we will make you FAMOUS!! Or at least use your topic for content, our members are already famous!! Remember, it's a team effort.