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Finishing Talk In Social Media

January - 2010
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In spite of the fact that Finishing Talk itself is a social media network by definition, as you will soon see (if you haven't already), this issue is full of other social networking references. The truth is it takes all kinds of media to get the word out to the world so we participate in several.  Here is where you can also find us in the world of social networking.

Face Book  Finishing Talk Live has been building a fan club for the past few months on face book and many you are already fans. We use this page to report positive industry news, host product giveaways and to interact with fans and fellow finishers. Its also a great way to get a free shout out during one of our live tapings of Finishing Talk Live.

Twitter You guessed it - you can  find us on twitter too.  Our followers get real time industry tradeshow scoops, industry news alerts, meet other like minded finishers around the world, and have the chance to interact with us during live tapings of Finishing Talk Live.  We also tweet positive industry news that you may have otherwise missed. So if you want to keep up to date on the status of the industry, and other positive news on the surface finishing industry.  So what are you waiting for? Follow us today @finishingtalk.
Linked In is the most recent addition to our ongoing efforts to connect surface finishing professionals from all of our networks.  Check out our new Linked-In group for Finishing Talk. An RSS feed from our main boards displays in the news section of this group serves as an extension of the bulletin boards.  This combined with discussions by the top minds from around the world makes it one of our favorites.

See what the industry is talking about - connect with us today!