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Surface Finishing In Social Media

February - 2010
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Last month we showed you where to find us on the social networking scene - and in case you missed it, we are everywhere: LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, Spoke, and more.  We’d like to share with some of the interesting things people are talking about on these networks.  So here’s a nice little compendium…

Paul Wynne, from the Institute of Metal Finishing, announced via his LinkedIn page that “the economy in the UK grew 0.1 per cent last quarter, but the country seems far away from a recovery”.  Rande Hackmann enthusiastically informed us “I am published!” and we talked about the Anodizing Workshop we recently held in Phoenix with the Surface Finishing Academy.  Jochen Freund  and James Newton  joined the LinkedIn group Surface Finishing along with some other LinkedIn Groups that may be of interest to finishers including: Industrial Design, Powder Power, Specialty Chemical Network and Surface Treatment.  You can find these groups by clicking on the “Groups” tab on LinkedIn and using the search feature by entering the above group names.

While checking out our Face Book connections we just had to laugh when Paul Skelton, from Carolina Process Control and co-host of Finishing Talk Live, posted the following status “You ever just want to have three of yourself?  One of you to tell ya how to do it, one of you to do it and one of you to tell ya "good job, job well done” … yes Skelton we feel that way all the time!  
Trent Roberts got a crash course in speaking “Southern” as witnessed by his status of “In Ruston, LA and I can't understand anyone.”   

Dozens of finishers became friends of The Powder Coating Finishing Directory, while Julian Bashore of Bodycote safely arrived in Singapore for the Air show and said "it's really hot and humid here"..... And we’re betting that Fredrik Roos over in Sweden wishes he with Julian because his status read recently that he woke up to a chilly minus 20.5°C

Also, don't forget to check out the new French Anodizing group - “Traitement de surface par anodisation électrolytique” and the new fan club for the Kushner Electroplating School.

On twitter we saw and appreciated @IndTraining’s helpful reminder “Maintenance Tip PM - preventative maintenance stops breakdowns.  Keep your eye on the ball, just a reminder. @prattandwhitney Re Tweeted @Av_Maintenance’s tweet of: P&W, Blackhawk Mark Engine Milestone, and @PrecisionParts aka—American Machinist shamelessly plugged their website with the “Welcome to our group > American Machinist / manufacturing & metalworking News > Since 1877- visit” tweet. @partscleaning announced a call for papers for the 12th Annual Symposium on Particles on Surfaces that will be held at PCx in Louisville.  

@SocMfgEng announced that Additive Manufacturing Professionals Will Introduce Cool Careers to Next Generation at RAPID 2010

And our friends over in the UK @finishingtrader welcomed the following new website patrons: @SteriTouch, @Armourcote, and @Nordson.

Over on our own networking pages in the Finishing Talk Forums, here are some post subjects you may want to check out when you have time: Anodize chipping and flaking after pressure tests;  Cloudy Ni Sulfamate Deposit With Pitting; Iron fines and microspalling; Paint Problems on plastic housing; Cut costs of high volume packaging; E-Coating and Powder Coating Stripping applications; heatable food safe stainless steel paint; Phoenix Coaters adding 303,000 square feet for a new paintline; California Showcase Week 2010; Polishing Stainless Without the EPA Possible?, Help with coverage issues; and 300 Exhibitors Present Solutions at Paint Expo.

Jobs are a hot topic these days, so we wanted to share the following list of positions found on the social networking scene that may be of interest to finishers:

Here are just a few of the many job openings as recently tweeted by @ManufacturingXing:

  • Manufacturing Maintenance Manager in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Maintenance Manager Colonial Heights, VA
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager in Kalamazoo, MI
  • CNC Machine Operator position open in Burlington, MA  and Anniston, AL

And @GetChemistJobs tweeted about an opening as a Quality Control Chemist I in Hercules, CA

Finally, looking though the LinkedIn Jobs we noticed the following opportunities:

  • Fisher Scientific is looking for a Welder/Metal Finisher-2nd Shift, in Asheville, NC;
  • Lineage Power in Plano, TX is looking for a Metals and Interconnect Component/Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Gilbert Tweed in Paris, France is has a new opening for a VP, Head of Quality.